Blowjob Machine Guide

Getting head (especially on a regular basis) isn’t always the easiest thing in the world. Finding a girlfriend takes effort, and once you get one, she may not enjoy giving blowjobs that much. And even if you do find a woman who is willing to give you head, the odds are high that it will be dissatisfactory. This is why so many guys are looking for alternative solutions to get their needs met.

It’s no secret that having regular orgasms is important, not only for personal satisfaction but also for the health benefits they bring. Climaxing can help balance your sleep patterns, lead to better moods, and even lower your blood pressure. So, if getting yourself a blowjob machine can help you attain these benefits, it may be the best solution for you.

While blowjob simulators aren’t as popular as Fleshlights and dildos, you’ll still find a wide variety to choose from. I’ll cover some essential information on the best blowjob machines, followed by the benefits of using one and questions to ask yourself for finding the best option for you.

What are Blowjob Machines?

The marital aid industry is highly popular and for good reason. They’ve been working hard to develop accessories and products, such as blowjob machines, to improve relationships and bring men the pleasure they seek. From hands-free apparatuses to handheld sex toys, there’s something on the market for every guy.

Blowjob machines are actually quite simple, with user-friendly features and complex technology, they can intensify your orgasms without complicating your life. And since they are designed specifically to mimic the satisfaction of oral sex, you can rest assured that you’ll find the pleasure you seek.

While many different products exist, blowjob machines all share one common feature. Their main purpose is getting you off. This is achieved with ergonomic pieces, automated motions, and a multitude of sleeve textures. BJ devices are distinct from male masturbators, which mimic the feel of anal or vaginal sex. These machines bring a lifelike experience that simulates oral pleasure.

The Benefits of a Blowjob Simulator

Blowjob machines are wildly popular since they’re easy to use and inexpensive compared to other male sex toys. Regardless of which type you choose, you can enjoy the following advantages:

Instantly Enhanced Orgasms

Getting off during masturbation or sex is easy for most guys. When you’re stimulating your penile tissues, it’s only a matter of time before it leads to orgasm. But having sex with a woman can be complicated and isn’t always up to par, particularly when it comes to receiving oral pleasure.

A specialized machine, on the other hand, is formulated just to provide pleasure akin to a blowjob. You’ll most certainly feel the difference once you give this type of device a try.

Realistic, Pleasurable Sensations

Due to the advancement of technology and a competitive sex toy market, the blowjob machines available today are ready and able to provide you with a lifelike experience despite the setting you choose. With the powerful motors, mouth-like orifices, and sleeve textures available, you’ll find it easy to get lost in the fantasy of receiving great head while using one.

Just close your eyes and envision your favorite porn star and you’ll be lost in ecstasy before you know it!

Customized Sex Sessions

Every man is different, so having a convenient machine with various settings to try out is a great way to customize your masturbation experience. With a variety of mobility-conscious, user-friendly, and comfortable features, blowjobs are easier than ever to personalize.

A great blowjob machine will provide you with just the sensations you seek with far less effort than real sex. Some machines can even provide interactive sexual play for long distance partnerships.

Low Effort, High Satisfaction

A blowjob machine allows you to have hands-free fun for hours. Just sit back, relax, and have the best orgasm of your life. Male masturbators often come in the form of handheld devices which require you to do the work. Blowjob machines, on the other hand, do the work for you.

You won’t have to suffer sore forearms or the threat of being rejected by the woman you’re trying to pick up at the bar. Whether you have mobility issues or simply want sexual satisfaction without having to expend effort, a fully charged oral sex machine will provide you with hands-free fun any time you want.

Discretion and Privacy

Most blowjob machines are designed to work for travel and discretion, meaning they have a compact design. This works well for people who have roommates or simply value their privacy. Blowjob machines can completely change the way you enjoy your partner and transform your own personal masturbation sessions. They give you the freedom to enjoy pleasure any time without anyone else having to know about it.

Easier Long-Distance Relationships

When you live many miles away from your girlfriend, sexual frustration is a high risk. Blowjob machines make it easier to stay faithful to your woman and make it less tempting to cheat. You can even use your handy device while you’re having phone or Skype sex with her. She may enjoy watching you get off as much as you enjoy putting on a show.

What to Consider before You Buy

Before you start looking at different machines, there are some factors you should keep in mind. Since modern sex toy manufacturers employ clever marketing tactics, it can be hard to know whether you’re getting a high-quality machine before you buy. Here are some questions you can ask yourself before making a choice:

“What type of pleasure do I expect from my machine?”

The first thing to consider is the type of sex you’re looking for in your new device. Do you want to have your partner participate with you in the fun, or will it be used primarily for solo play? Do you have the endurance and stamina to use a machine that requires physical effort on your part? What type of sensations do you want, and which types of internal sleeves will best deliver it?

“Do I have any physical limitations to keep in mind?”

If you’re struggling with a mobility problem that will make using a handheld device difficult, it’s best to find a hands-free model. Other guys may be allergic to certain materials or have skin sensitivities. In this case, it’s important to look at what the internal sleeves on the blowjob machine are made of and also be careful in selecting lubricant to use with it.

“Do I want to deal with having to assemble my device?”

Like any other product, blowjob machines come in all shapes and sizes. Some will come fully assembled, while others will require you to put the machine together before you can use it. You’ll want to consider whether you want to deal with assembling the machine. If not, it’s best to choose one that doesn’t require this step.

“Am I up to date on the latest technology?”

If you aren’t familiar with using smartphone apps or Bluetooth, you may need to do some research before getting a blowjob machine. Not everyone is tech-savvy, so certain guys will have a learning curve with this.

“What am I willing to spend on my blowjob machine?”

It’s best to have a price range in mind before you shop for your blowjob machine. Ask yourself if you’ve factored in the cost of supplies, accessories, and maintenance for the device. Also look into manufacturers that provide money-back guarantees or a warranty to protect your purchase in case you aren’t satisfied.

“Which features should the machine have for optimal pleasure?”

If you’ve used a blowjob machine before, you’ll already know a bit about the type of settings you find most satisfying. But, even if you haven’t, you can look into the materials and textures used on machines to find out what you’re most likely to enjoy.

You’ll also want to consider whether or not you require customizable components. And you should think about whether a simple device is enough or whether you’d rather have a lot of settings to choose from. Check to see whether your machine can be used with a condom (for easier cleanup) as well.

Choosing Lubricant

It goes without saying that a blowjob machine won’t lubricate itself the way a real mouth does. Think about the type of lube you enjoy using the most when you masturbate or have sex. Check to see whether the lube you prefer works well with the materials on the blowjob machine you’re considering. In most cases, water-based lube will be the best choice. It’s compatible with all sex toy materials and is the easiest to clean.