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7 Ways To Attract Women

Guys usually stress out trying to figure out the perfect pickup line to say to a girl. Ladies don’t just want a perfect opening line. That’s not all. So, what do women want? That’s the million-dollar question!

Men often wonder how they can attract women. As a man, you may be wondering what to do and what not to when you are with a woman that you’re interested in. Worry not, these ways will make it easier for you to attract women. You may even attract women that are way out of your league! Here are some attraction tips for men:

1. Eye Contact
Quality eye contact is important when you are talking to a woman. It’s one of the most important elements of attracting women. Make sure you give the woman you are talking to a warm smile when your eyes meet. Confidence is exuded when you hold eye contact. A warm smile shows her that you aren’t a serial killer but rather a friendly, likable guy.

2. Purpose
Confidence is an irresistible quality in any man. However, confidence without any purpose will get nowhere. Purpose gives you the gut to make sure nothing gets in between you and what you want. Invest time in what you like. Be honest with yourself and find something that fulfills you. Women like that!

3. Manners
How you treat others could either be attractive or a complete turnoff. A woman tends to gauge how you’d treat her by how you treat others. She can have a glimpse of your character through your actions. So, don’t take her out to dinner and be rude to your waiter. That a big red flag for women.

4. Your Appearance
Take time to dress well for women to notice you. Don’t dress like a clown and expect to have women falling for you. No! Women usually notice a guy’s dress code. You don’t need expensive clothes to look good. Just show her that you’ve got everything figured out. Don’t forget to trim your fingernails and hair while doing so.

5. Attractive Body Language
There’s a lot that can be gathered by just looking at your body language. Ensure your body language leaves women wondering to themselves who’s that guy. Confidence is depicted by how you walk. Always put on a smile as you keep your head up. Your shoulders should always be relaxed.

Avoid fidgeting and excess movements. You should always walk with purpose. You come across as a confident and powerful man when you have control over your body language.

6. Humor
Women easily form bonds with men who make them laugh. They are more inclined to guys who bring happiness to the table. You need to have humor when you strike up a conversation with a woman. Humor can come in handy during tough times. It can awaken pleasure and amusement.

7. Be Vulnerable
Vulnerability is often difficult for guys. Women need to know that you are comfortable around them. You can build trust with a woman through being vulnerable. A woman knows you trust her by opening up about your dark places.

Attracting women need not be rocket science. You can attract women by doing these 7 simple things. Be rest assured that you’ll start attracting women through these simple steps.